Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mission impossible 4 Movie in 2011

The movie Impossible is still in very early stages but we're hearing more details about this fourth opus of the Mission Impossible movie series as time goes by.

While appearing on a popular Japanese program, SMAP SMAP, to promote Valkyrie, Tom Cruise said that they were working on the story. He even teases his Japanese public saying that they're thinking of staging a big action sequence in downtown Tokyo.

More recently JJ Abrams who directed the third movie told that Tom Cruise ask him to produce Mission Impossible 4:

J.J. Abrams - Mission Impossible 4 Movie

"I am incredibly honored that Tom Cruise has invited me back as producer on Mission Impossible 4. Tom and I have come up with a really cool idea we are pursuing."it’s not a literal sequel.
J.J. Abrams

JJ Abrams is probably to busy with his movie schedule to direct himself, but Tom Cruise wants Abrams' magic touch. That's why he proposed him to be producer on MI4.

The Mission Impossible 4 is scheduled to be released in 2011.